Suns' Deandre Ayton lends a helping hand to The Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian

One person who is trying to help with Hurricane Dorian relief is Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton, who also happens to be a native of The Bahamas. On Tuesday night, he organized a donation drive for victims of Dorian.

Ayton was born in Nassau in The Bahamas. When he was growing up, Hurricane Katrina formed over the islands before heading toward New Orleans. Ayton said watching the pictures of devastation from Dorian brought back a lot of tough memories.

"This is the worst one I've ever seen," said Ayton. "Growing up, I had been in Hurricane Katrina. I know what a hurricane is like, I know the damage it can do, to try to bounce back from all that it's pretty rough."

Ayton personally pledged $100,000 for relief efforts. Following an outpouring of support, he took it up another notch by collecting donations at Fry's to send over to the storm-weary islands.

"This is more than I expected, to be honest," said Ayton. "I didn't expect all of this. I expcted some fans, this is tremendous."

Along with the help from some rookie teammates, Ayton and his family helped sort the items, from bottled water to blow-up beds. Fans were able to donate and grab some autographs, but Sharon and Steve Dick didn't stick around for a signature. They just wanted to help, and they dropped off a cart full of supplies and a check.

"These people need help," said Sharon. "They're people. They need help. If they needed help, I think they'd help us."

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