Suns-mobile: Phoenix Suns fan has painted lowrider from 1993 playoffs

A lot of people will be pulling up to Game 1 of the NBA Championships on July 6 in Downtown Phoenix, but it is probably safe to say that the car Robert Casillas will pull up in is unique.

"Maybe the gorilla can ride it on the court," said Casillas, whose 1987 Chevrolet Blazer has a history with the Suns.

Car came about as a result of an accidental paint job

The history stretches back to 1993, the last time the team was in the finals.

"It was supposed to be a different color, came out a little bit purple and we said ‘the super show is coming. The Suns are here. Let’s do it a Suns theme,'" said Casillas.

From there, Monster Slam was born. The car is outfitted with the meanest Suns gorilla people will likely ever see.

"Got the gorilla slamming Jordan through the court right here," said Casillas.

The car is also complete with a hydraulic system that has more lift than people might see on the court.

Car was autographed by almost everyone on the 1993 team

Back in the day, the car was autographed by everyone on the 1993 team.

Everyone, that is, except one: Charles Barkley.

"He said he would. Never did! Maybe we could get this year's team to do it," said Casillas.

Through thick and thin, Casillas remains a Suns fan

Casillas wears his Suns pride on his chest, next to the scar from his heart transplant in February 2021. In the 28 years since the Suns last made the finals, he beat cancer, has a new ticker, and is now enjoying the ride with his favorite team.

"There’s no quitting in none of us," said Casillas. "We’re from the Valley. Valley of the Sun. We don’t stop. We don’t quit," said Casillas.

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