Fans showing Suns support around the Valley ahead of NBA Finals match up against the Bucks

All over downtown Phoenix are signs showing support for the Suns as they're headed into the NBA Finals beginning on July 6.

A new billboard is making its way up on the Suns Arena and fans are taking it in and snapping photos with it.

"It is beautiful to see that. Man, it has been a long time since we have been back here so we have to cherish this moment," a fan said just a day before the Finals begin.

Many were also headed to the team shop to buy apparel and show their support.

"I am grabbing a couple shirts and a couple hats so we can support them, root them on and go get that championship," a fan said.

Fans who gathered are from all walks of life, and some traveled a long way to be a part of the excitement, just like Xavier Sol.

"I am from Mexico and I am ready to be here for the Finals," Sol said, adding, "My name is Xavier Sol, that means Suns, Phoenix Suns, so I feel empathy for the team."

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While they could have bought merchandise online, fans said they just needed to be at the arena to take it in with others who are just as passionate as they are.

"I want to come down and be a part of everything, I don’t care that the game isn’t today, it is tomorrow, but I just want to be a part of everything and enjoy it," said Vernon Williams, a fan.

Local painter helps show Suns pride around the Valley

A local painter is helping people show their Suns pride.

Businesses big and small are reaching out to Mike French with Signs of Life. He’s even been busy with people getting their car windows painted.

He’s no stranger to this excitement and buzz around the Phoenix Suns.

"It’s really snowballing. We’re so busy right now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get everybody done," French said.

French has been painting storefronts in the Valley for 30 years. He knows the Suns fever all too well.

"We actually painted windows back in 1993, 1994 when the Suns were in the playoffs, so it was really exciting then too," he said. "It was ‘Go Suns.’ We did a lot of things with Barkley and [Kevin Johnson] because they were the stars at the time, but yeah, it was ‘Go Suns’ all around the Valley."

This year, it’s been no different.

French has been slammed painting storefronts like Tacos Tijuana and car windows. With French’s help, people can show their Suns love for a while after the championship is over.

"The windows will last a good long time. They usually last a good three months. Really bright, then they start to fade over time," he said. "In about six months, you might want to change it or refresh it. The cars, the paint, it’s a different kind of paint. It lasts a year or two, if you want to leave it up that long."

Businesses are happy to be able to show their Suns pride.

"A lot of people come and take pictures, and we’re excited to see if they do win the championship," said Julia Torres with Tacos Tijuana. "If they come down 7th Street, that would be amazing with the players. If this will be a parade route, we just want to be prepared and cheer on the Suns."

For bigger windows, it starts at about $300, and for car windows, it starts at $50.

More information on Signs of Life can be found here

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