Searching for the signs: Phoenix area artist leaves hidden artwork along hiking trails on Suns game days

Ever since the Phoenix Suns secured a spot in the NBA Finals for the first time since 1993, the team has been the big talk in town.

Many people are trying to get their hands on the team's merchandise, but one Phoenix artist is having some fun hiding some of her Suns-themed art pieces throughout the Valley for people to find.

For Leslie Carrasco, the idea came to her just weeks ago.

"We were out on a hike a couple of weeks back, and it coincided with game day that day, and I was like, 'what if we just hid a sign for someone to find, like as a gift? How fun would that be?'" said Carrasco.

Carrasco made it happen. The Phoenix native and her family started creating Suns-themed wooden signs.

"When we saw the Valley, the new jerseys that the Suns team has. we put those together and we were like, 'oh my gosh! This is so cool! Like, what a beautiful unity of what Arizona represent,'" said Carrasco.

On game days, win or lose, Carrasco heads to a Valley trail to hide one of her pieces for someone to find.  

"We’ll go in the evening and put it out, and then we’ll start to hint the clues so people know and are expecting those," said Carrasco.

Although the idea is fairly new , Carrasco is already receiving love and support from many in the community.

"Everyone is like, 'oh my gosh! This is so cool!'" said Carrasco. "A couple of people have written us and was like, 'I wasn’t planning on going, but now I’m planning to go out to the mountain because I want to get this.'"

Carrasco says she doesn’t know what the future holds, but for now, she is excited of what she ios able to bring to others during an unforgettable time.

"Everyone loves the community, likes to have a community, who loves to get together, who like an adventure, loves to go outside. We are all here celebrating together, the Suns," said Carrasco, who went on to say if the team wins, she will create a much bigger sign and put it by the arena., so people can come up and take pictures with it.

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