ASU protest: Cases dismissed for dozens who took part in pro-Palestine demonstration

Protesters arrested during a pro-Palestine demonstration at Arizona State University in April had their charges dismissed.

Over 70 people were arrested when police broke up the demonstration. Of those who were arrested, 20 of them were ASU students.

The protesters made their first court appearance on May 14, where a judge dismissed all cases without prejudice. Attorney Zayed al-Sayyed explained what a dismissal without prejudice means.

"It means that the state has up to a year from the date of offense to file charges formally, if they so choose to do so," al-Sayyed said.

Attorneys argued for dismissal with prejudice, because the arrests have impacted students' jobs, campus housing and fingerprint clearance for work.

"The prosecuting agency, Maricopa County Attorney's Office, did not file any charges, nor did Arizona State University Police Department file any charges with the court by today," said al-Sayyed.

While the charges were dismissed, some say they are not in the clear yet.

"This stopped me from graduating," said Breanna Brocker. "Right now, I'm stopped from going to ASU to complete ASU employment. I was an ASU employee, and I'm not allowed on campus right now."

Officials with the university say their police department is in the process of submitting complete information regarding the arrests to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for its review and charging decisions.

"We're just kind of left uncertain, and when I truly thought ASU would stand behind us, I'm surprised that we're kind of just waiting," said Brocker.

It remains unclear if ASU students who were banned from campus can now come back to finish their finals.