Officers shoot, kill suspect at north Phoenix apartment complex

Phoenix Police say a suspect was shot and killed by officers Saturday night.

The incident happened on April 1 at an apartment complex near 14th Street and Bell Road at around 7 p.m. after police responded to reports of a fight.

"When officers arrived, they spoke to a man who wanted to retrieve items from an apartment," said Sgt. Phil Krynsky with Phoenix PD. "There was no answer at the door, so the man agreed to leave for the evening."

About an hour later, a woman called 911 and claimed that a man with a gun was trying to break a window to get into her apartment at the same complex.

Officers discovered that the same man they spoke with was in the parking lot, and he reportedly pulled out a gun.

The suspect, identified as a man in his late 70s, allegedly refused orders to drop the gun despite authorities using a "less-lethal tool" to get him to comply.

Police opened fire after the suspect raised his gun and shot into the air.

The man died from his injuries at the scene. He's identified as 76-year-old Dwight Cornwell.

No other injuries were reported.

On April 14, police released body-cam footage of the shooting.

Alicia Ozuna heard the incident unfold.

"Heard the cops saying ‘get down, drop it, drop the gun,' and that's kind of when I took my phone out and started recording. Then I heard them shooting. I think they were trying to tase him a little bit at first. But then I heard the gun pop off and that's when I ran back," she said.

Of course, that was a scary moment.

"Kind of panicked. We were just walking and then started running," she said. "One of my friends said that right outside her door there was a couple of gunshots there, but that's about all the activity that I've seen around here."

Area of where the shooting happened: