Suspect in custody after officer-involved shooting in Phoenix

A suspect is in custody after an officer-involved shooting broke out near 12th Street and Bell Road.

Phoenix Police say their Neighborhood Enforcement Team received information about several armed robberies in the area of 12th Street and Bell Road.

Officers posed as shoppers and arranged a meeting with two theft suspects in the area of 12th Street and Helena Drive. When police tried to take the two men, a 17-year-old and a 19-year-old, into custody, the suspects ran from officers.

The older suspect was quickly taken into custody, but the 17-year-old suspect was armed and refused to drop the weapon when police instructed him to do so. The suspect began approaching some nearby homes.

An officer fired at the minor once, and the robbery suspect was then taken to the hospital and then released into police custody. In addition to the weapon the suspect was holding, an additional handgun was found on the path where the men had fled.

No other injuries were reported.