Technology used to solve a deadly shooting case may be a game-changer for law enforcement

AVONDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- The family of an Avondale man killed in a drive-by shooting back in March had lost hope.

Joe Knight, 29, was riding his bicycle home from work when he was shot and killed.

Very few leads and not a lot of information was getting back to them about what happened to Joe Knight that March evening. A week ago, however, Avondale Police say they solved the case.

Jorge Molina has a bond set for $500,000, and his next court date is set for December 20. In this case, the detective work had an added assist from technology, and it might signal a new way to find violent criminals, going forward.

"We weren't exactly expecting to know who did it," said Cassandra Knight, the victim's younger sister, in a phone interview.

The victim's sister believes it was all over a case of mistaken identity.

"If he was the intended target it would be a little different for us," said Knight. "But it was just a huge accident, a huge mistake made, and it's not like he was vengefully after my brother."

Molina, 23, made his first court appearance a week ago, after police say they partnered with Google to find a cellular device in the area the night of the shooting. Records state that Molina had searched for phrases referencing that shooting, the day after it happened.

With all the technology advancements used to solve the case, there is still one question that haunts the Knight family.

"We just really want to know why," said Knight. "Like, why he was after that person, and what was so serious that he wanted to take that someone else's life."

Molina is being charged with 1st degree murder, along with drug and weapons-related charges.

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