Teens workout for free at Planet Fitness this summer

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The U.S. percentage of teens and children affected by obesity has more than tripled since the 70s. Planet Fitness is working to change that.

"The main reason we want teens to work out is 58 percent of all teens in Arizona aren't working out more than five days a week," said Chris Butler, a personal trainer at Planet Fitness.

Chris Butler is a personal trainer at Planet Fitness near Reems and Bell Road. He says most teens don't even get the U.S. Government recommended 60 minutes of activity during the week and 12.3 percent and considered obese.

Even the athletes admit it's easy to be lazy, and that's why some high school football players are in the gym instead of sitting on the couch this summer.

"Keeps me active, so I'm not out of shape every time I get back on the field it gives me something to do other than football," said one player.

They're taking advantage of Planter Fitness' free summer workout for teens.

"You can come down here with any type of fitness journey and you can start from day one, day 30, and we're ready to go we can help you with whatever," says Butler.

Locations state and nationwide are offering two options.

"We have an orientation class, we will take you around the gym show you how to use all of the equipment, and we have a teen challenge class," explained Butler.

"I always like just testing myself testing my strength just going to the max as I can," said one football player.

From battle ropes to jump squats to agility ladders, the point is to move.

"All they have to do is bring their parent or guardian down here to enroll, and they are going to be enrolled in a scholarship opportunity for a $500 scholarship in all 51 states and a $5,000 scholarship for a grand prize winner," said Butler.

The free program runs through September 1.