Tempe Police search for person of interest in hit-and-run case

She's a person of interest in a hit and run case in Tempe and police recently released images of the woman, hoping someone would recognize her.

Tempe Police say the woman in the video is wanted for stealing a car and then crashing it and leaving the scene, but one valley man says she's also responsible for stealing his family's beloved puppy.

Take a look at the video. Police hope someone can identify the woman who is wanted for questioning in the hit and run with a stolen car. A passerby saw the crime being committed and quickly grabbed his phone to document the woman walking away from the scene.

When asked if the woman in the video is his former roommate, David Ramirez replied, "Yes.. Renee Scizarria... I'm absolutely sure."

Ramirez says he's known the woman in the video since the 5th grade. She recently moved into his Chandler home . Last week, Ramirez said he returned to the house to find his puppy and his wedding rings gone and no trace of her or her friends anywhere.

"We keep trying to get in contact with them. They're not returning anyone's calls. They're not returning any of the officers' calls.. or her parents.. no one is returning calls," said Ramirez, who is frustrated to think a long time family friend would do this.

"Yeah, you feel very betrayed, stabbed in the back," he said.