Tempe Police searching for suspect in May sexual abuse incident

Tempe Police are searching for a suspect who attempted to sexually assault a woman at an apartment complex near McClintock and Apache Boulevard. 

Police say the man knocked on a woman's door at El Diablo Apartments on May 24 and asked for her phone number. When she refused, he pushed the door open, groped her and attempted to pull her clothes down, police say.

"Terrifying. It's horrible," said Zachery Tobin, who lives in the area. "I have female friends who often visit, and that sort of thing is obviously terrifying."

Police say the man fled through "unknown means."

The man appears to be a 6' Hispanic or Middle Eastern male with a dark complexion in his 20s, with a heavy build, black hair, and a slight accent.

Police officials say they don't know what that accent was, but did say the suspect was last seen wearing a white tee with some sort of black logo, black, athletic-style shorts, and a combination gray/black basketball shoes.

According to Detective Greg Bacon with Tempe Police, the department is aware of a pool party on the day of the assault. They are hoping someone will come forward to tell police if they noticed the suspect in the area.

"It's tragic that, number one, a man would be driven to do something so horrible and have the opportunity. I wish that someone would have been there to help her. I hope that he can be held accountable for it," said David Chesley, who lives in the area.

Anyone with information is asked to call Tempe Police at 480-350-8311.