Tempe Town Lake re-opens for boating

Tempe Town Lake is back open for the public to use. The lake was closed while the city performed a major construction project on one of the dams holding water in the lake.

"We are so thrilled to announce that Tempe Town Lake is back in business, and we're thankful to the entire community for the patience they have shown as we completed this major construction project," said Mayor Mark Mitchell. "It's going to be a beautiful weekend in the Valley what better way to celebrate spring weather than to go out and enjoy Tempe Town Lake!"

The new dam system is a hydraulically steel gate system, made up of eight steel gates weighing more than 230,000 each.

City officials are encouraging people to get back on the water on Saturday, May 14. The city is holding a festival with music, a chance to meet the builders of the dam, and a dedication.

Online: www.tempe.gov/lakeday