Tips to keep your air conditioning running during the hot days of summer

As the temperatures rise across the Valley, the thermostats get turned down, and air conditioners are getting a workout.

However, if it seems your AC is not keeping up with the hot weather, there may be a good reason for that. Nationally, AC manufacturers make the equipment for a design temperature of 108F, so most of them work best in temperatures of 108F or below. It's not really designed to work past that temperature mark, which means when it comes to the AC, one has to be smart.

Louis Hobaica of Hobaica Air said people should not close vents in other rooms, as that can actually cut an AC's performance.

"A lot of homeowners will think they're saving money by closing off vents in different rooms," said Hobaica. "Actually, it restricts the flow of air, and allows the AC system not to operate at its proper performance."

Hobaica said another don't involves the thermostat. In the summer, it shouldn't be bumped up by more than two degrees when you leave in the morning for work.

"Some people will bump it from 78 to 85, thinking they unit won't have to work while you're gone and you save money," said Hobaica.

In reality, however, during these hot weather days, you want your AC to maintain its temperatures throughout the day, instead of overstressing or overburdening it.

Hobaica said people should keep air filters changed monthly, and doing some other things can make things cooler during this heat wave.

"Ceiling fans, close blinds," said Hobaica. "Keep some air moving. That will allow you to be more comfortable at a higher temperature."