'Tripod the 3-legged desert tortoise' gets forever home

Arizona Game and Fish is currently caring for about 75 desert tortoises, all of which need forever homes, and some of which need special care just like this guy.

"You can see this part of his leg that's left, it doesn't work as well as it should," Steve McNamee said.

McNamee says "Tripod the three-legged desert tortoise" is adjusting nicely and has a healthy appetite. McNamee and his wife, Alison Marli, adopted the reptile from Arizona Game and Fish about a week ago.

"His previous owner had a large dog," Marli said. "He was attacked by a dog and he had to have his leg amputated.

Wildlife education coordinator with Arizona Game and Fish Mike Demlong says they are overwhelmed with tortoises right now. Adoption is free and all you need is a secure yard so that no dogs come in contact with them.

"These are juveniles, these are babies," he said. "This is part of the problem, like with dogs and cats. People are breeding these tortoises when they shouldn't."

You also need a den or shelter and because tortoises are solitary, you can only have one.

"They kind of just do their thing, you need to have a fenced-in yard and they like greens and grasses, prickly pear, certain desert plants," Marli said. "You can get a list of what they like on AZ Game and Fish website."

You can also get more information on how to adopt a desert tortoise from Arizona Game and Fish.

Arizona Game and Fish