Turf grown in Alabama to be used for Super Bowl 49

The Super Bowl is only 12 days away, and we've been talking about all the events going on around town, but it wouldn't be the Super Bowl without the turf that it's played on.

The transformation for Super Bowl 49 at University of Phoenix Stadium, is starting to take place.

"It's not just a one time thing, we have to mow this field every day, we have to water this field every day it grows, it grows out of the paint, so we do have to go back and adjust those," said Ed Mangan, NFL Field Director.

A crew of 30 from stadiums all over the country including those here at the University of Phoenix stadium have worked to perfect this turf over the last week or so, it was shipped here from Alabama.

"Grass came in from Alabama in Foley, shipped it in 3 days getting up here, we had 33 refrigerated units to bring it up here," he said. The sunshine here in the valley is a big asset for crews working on the turf compared to other Super Bowl Venues. "Last year we did have to bring in tarp to cover the entire field and tent the areas that had to be painted. The end zones, the trophy logos, because obviously in the freezing temperatures we can't paint in that."

So far the weather has been really good, we've been outside the entire time, other than a few operational moves we've had to make.

A little more TLC is given to this turf because come Friday it will head indoors for the Pro Bowl, only to make it back into the sunshine next week for a couple days. Then it'll head back inside for Super Bowl 49.