Urn found at Phoenix hotel may have been dug up from a grave in Canada

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Social media has helped a Canadian family solve a disturbing mystery, as they try to track down a relative's urn that was dug up and stolen from a gravesite.

While it is not confirmed, there is hope that an urn found at a hotel in Phoenix in November is the urn the Canadian family is looking for.

It was November 12, and as the crew at an Extended Stay Hotel in Phoenix cleaned out a storage room, Chelc Hugar spotted the urn that sat to the side of the lost and found drawer. Hugar, an assistant manager, knew immediately she wanted to find who had lost it, she wanted to track down the family. She posted the story on her Facebook, with pictures of the tiny pink and silver urn.

"I mean, to cry once I found it -- I mean you're lost in the world. You were lost. Now, you're really lost," said Hugar.

A few days, and over a 1,100 shares of the post, Hugar received a post from a woman who lives in Canada's British Columbia province. The woman has been looking for the urn since May 2017, when she claimed someone dug up a family member's grave, and stole the urn of a young woman named Saveryanne Ryser.

"She's 17 when she passed away," said Hugar. "She's been gone for about eight years. Somebody dug her out of the gravesite that she was buried with her mom."

The family in Canada has been looking for the urn every since. Hugar has been talking to Saveryanne's grandmother, and says she believes this is the urn from the grave in Canada.

"How does it end up in a hotel room thousands of miles away?" said Hugar. "That is the biggest mystery. I don't even know why someone would want to dig it up, honestly."

As to why the urn was dug up, it may be a mystery that is never solved.