Valley battered by monsoon rain, dust storm

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Stormy weather is making a comeback after Monday's massive Monsoon storm, with a massive wall of dust hitting the parts of the Valley, and communities south of the Valley.

Earlier in the evening, viewers in Sacaton and Casa Grande sent video showing the wall of dust making its way through the communities. Eventually, the wall of dust made its way through the valley, reaching parts of Tempe.

The storm caused some damage in parts of the Valley, including the Estrella Mountain Ranch area of the West Valley. Photos obtained by FOX 10 from a viewer and a FOX 10 photographer shows what appears to be a power transmission tower that was toppled. Videos submitted by viewers also show trees that were torn by high winds. Video from other parts of the Valley showed hail.

Meanwhile, City of Goodyear officials say a respite center for those affected by the power outage has been opened at Estrella Foothills High School.

At Sky Harbor, flights were delayed at one point due to visibility issues.