Valley company creates care packages for cancer patients

It wasn't a typical work day for the employees at McKesson Specialty Health.

Today, they created care packages for cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

"It's an unexpected and welcomed touch in an otherwise challenging day or time for patients," Bill Nolan said.

Bill Nolan, general manager of McKesson, says it's important to show these patients that they're not alone.

"The whole purpose is to say, 'Hey, somebody cares,' while there are moments that are isolating, scary and moments you feel alone, someone out there who has no name and face is thinking and praying and caring about you," he said.

Onzie Williams is a cancer survivor herself and she was one of many working on the care packages today by writing notes and tying the blanket together which she says is very helpful.

"I think a blanket because the room's are cold, trying to stay warm, you're getting fluids in there, all your medication is infused, so it's kind of cold to the body, so having that blanket, and that extra comfort to just know that somebody else cared to provide it," she said.

Over the last five years, she battled colon cancer but has been cancer-free since April.

"If I can get through it, anyone can get through it," she said. "I've had three rounds of chemo and a round of radiation and if I can survive it, anyone can survive it."

She says her words of encouragement notes went a little something like this.

"From one survivor to another, stay strong, you can do this and look to your inner strength," she said.