Valley doctor reacts to national discussion surrounding vaping

According to figures from the Arizona Department of Health Services, the number of vaping-related illnesses in Arizona is going up.

Officials say there have been 17 cases so far, and nearly all of them are in Maricopa County.

Nationwide, CDC officials say there have been nearly 2,300 vaping-related cases, with 47 deaths.

There are no deaths in Arizona that have been tied to vaping.

On Friday, President Donald Trump met with advocates who urged a federal ban on flavored vape products.

“While e-cigarettes can potentially be an offramp for adults that are addicted to combustible tobacco, we can all agree that we can’t allow them to become an onramp to nicotine addiction and combustible tobacco use for our kids," said Alex Azar.

As the debate over vaping rages on, doctors in the Valley are weighing in.

Dr. Dan Quan, an emergency medicine physician, says doctors are getting a better idea about what is causing vaping-related illnesses, and it doesn’t appear to be nicotine.

"I think there’s more information out there now that says it’s probably the THC cartridges with the Vitamin E Acetate," said Quan.

With the changing landscape comes changing questions from health providers, with doctors needing to know what patients are putting into their bodies.

"Sometimes, people aren’t as forthcoming and you say “do you smoke” and they say no because they don’t smoke. They vape," said Quan.