Valley family to spend the night in the Eiffel Tower

It's one of the most iconic structures in the world, and an Arizona family is going to become one of the first families ever to spend the night in the Eiffel Tower. It's part of a contest put on by a travel website.

"It's been pretty fast and furious and pretty exciting at the same time," said Scott Kuhne.

That's how Scott Kuhne described the last couple of days, ever since he was told that his essay was chosen over 150,000 others from around the world in this contest.

The travel site is building a one of a kind temporary apartment on the lower level of the tower. It will have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room with big screen TV and couches and a foozeball table.

Scott and his family will spend the 4th of July in Paris before heading to the Eiffel Tower for one night.

"So it's only one night in the Eiffel Tower, but it's going to be plenty, I don't even know if I'll sleep I'll be so excited," said Kuhne.

Paris has special meaning to Scott, 5 generations from his mom to grand daughter have been there.

"My mother when she was young was taken to Paris by her mom. Then my mom took my daughter to Paris, kind of in the same tradition, and then I ended up taking my granddaughter," he said.

And to be the first American family selected for this honor makes their trip special.

"I'm not a part of history, I'm making history. I'm actually part of the living history that icon of a tower is going to be written record forever so it's really cool," said Kuhne.