Valley nonprofit uses South Phoenix community garden to promote health, practical life skills

It may be hot, but volunteers of all ages love getting their hands dirty at one community garden in South Phoenix.

The Valley nonprofit Tiger Mountain Foundation has a garden in efforts to teach practical life skills to people living in areas with an increased risk of incarceration and poor health choices.

"Right now we're separating the weeds from the plants, having fun," said one volunteer.

"How do we change the narrative in our community of how we eat better, more nutritious food?" said another volunteer. "It's super important that we're taking these vacant lots and turning them into something more vibrant."

With the community's help, they harvest year-round vegetables and fruits. The nonprofit says it's a lot more than just working in a garden.

"If you drove by at 40-50 miles per hour, you wouldn't realize how this is really diving in deep to the souls of a lot of beautiful people for a lot of different reasons," said a volunteer.

Creating a sense of community - one plant at a time.

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