Valley nutritionist uses sweat analyzer to help with performance

For those who spent any time outdoors, days with high temperatures, like Tuesday, can really bring on the sweat.

So, what is the best way to hydrate and stay healthy in these kinds of temperatures?

People all know that hydration is key, as humans lose salt, or sodium, when they sweat profusely. However, how do they put the lost sodium back, and how much should they put back? A Scottsdale nutritionist says what is in people's sweat can tell them how best to hydrate.

"It is hot today," said nutritionist Brooke Schohl. A triathlete herself, Schohl helps athletes stay at their top performance, especially in long competitions. For competitors, she offers advice on nutrients and a sweat detection test, where a machine collects and analyzes sweat.

"It stimulates your sweat glands just underneath the red one, not the black one," said Schohl.

The sweat is placed in the machine.

"That allows me to determine your sweat sodium concentration, and what your recommendations are," said Schohl.

Schohl says sodium is the electrolyte people should focus on, because its the one people lose the most of when sweating. However, when people reach for Gatorade because of its sodium content, Schohl is not onboard, especially for kids.

"While Gatorade has the sodium in it, it also has a pretty good amount of sugar, food coloring, other items kids don't need -- no one needs really," said Schohl.