Valley organization helping out victims of Indonesian quake, tsunami

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Relief efforts are now underway in Indonesia, after a powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami.

Officials in the Asian country say the death toll is at around 1,200, and that number could rise, as they continue their search and rescue efforts.

Currently, the big issue is getting aid to the survivors, and an organization in Arizona is helping do just that.

The devastation is hard to believe. Some are describing the scene as apocalyptic, with entire towns completely wiped out. Relief efforts are now underway to help survivors.

"Back in 2004 was the first time we responded to a tsunami there, and now, we're doing it again," said Mike Meyers, CEO of Food for the Hungry, an organization that provides international relief to countries around the world. Right now, their main focus is helping those in immediate need.

"We're assessing the situation, but people need food, clothing, water, shelter," said Meyers.

Through their network, they're figuring out the best course of action.

"When you have this level of devastation that happens, we're going to be there helping and recover and get their lives back," said Meyers.

They expect to be in Indonesia for years to come, helping to rebuild peoples lives there.

Food for the Hungry