Valley program helping underprivileged kids learn the art of skiing, snowboarding

A Valley program called "All On Board" is helping underprivileged kids learn how to ski and snowboard.

Skiing and snowboarding are very expensive sports, but with the program, dozens of kids were able to go up to Snowbowl to experience winter sports.

The project was made possible by Community Partners and the founder of the program, who wanted kids to feel the same way he does on the mountain.

"What snowboarding does is it's all about teamwork and getting together with other kids and encouraging them to keep getting up because you are going to fall, so it is a matter of persistence," said Christian Burns, founder of All On Board.

Students at Glen L. Downs Elementary and Franklin Police and Fire High School were able to head up to Snowbowl with the proper equipment, so they can learn the new skills. The students were chosen based on their character, leadership and teamwork skills.

Some students who went said it was the first time they ever went out for skiing or snowboarding.

"I went snowboarding. I found it fun just being able to breathe nice, fresh air. Getting out of the city was fun. Being on that mountain and seeing snow, it was just really nice," said Ariel Shideler.

"Not many people get to do this, and I thought it was awesome," said Lorena Luna. "I was scared at first and I thought about it, 'wow! The teachers picked me to do this!' I feel special."

The program says they are always looking to get more students and school districts involved, as well as donations for ski and snowboard equipment.