Valley residents continue to clean up from recent storms as more rain is predicted

Residents of one small condo complex in North Phoenix suspect a tornado swept through the area last Friday afternoon. 

"The winds were so powerful the house started shaking like it was going to be lifted out of the ground," said Kerry Holcombe, a resident.

Roofers rushed to cover several exposed areas at the Barcelona condo complex.

"Nothing picks up 7-pound tiles like that and slings them through the air," said Jason Longo with Prowest Roofing and Restoration.

Many of those flying tiles broke windows and skylights on homes throughout the complex.

"All of a sudden we hear glass shattering in our living room area," said Holcombe.

Kerry Holcombe lost two windows when roof tiles came flying through her condo. With more rain expected, she and her boyfriend have used carpet remnants and cardboard to keep the rain and wind out.

"We've patched it up pretty well like the actual windows that were broken are patched pretty well so it feels pretty secure," said Holcombe. 

She says they are waiting to get everything arranged through insurance and hope to have windows replaced over the next few days. 

In the meantime, the Arizona native is thankful to have survived this violent storm with no injuries and minor damage. 

"Living in Arizona that's why we live here, we don't have natural disasters like that earthquakes, tornadoes," said Holcombe.