Valley singer makes comeback following stroke

"Music is my life, it always has been... I don't know how old I was when I realized it, I know I was in my crib," Charlie Sharp said.

Music has always had a reputation of being good for the soul, but for Charlie Sharp it gives her a reason to live. After a stroke in 2011 left her paralyzed on her left side, Charlie feared she would never sing again.

"It's the only thing I have to tell you that has kept me going since I had this stroke, because a stroke can be debilitating, not only physically, but emotionally," she said.

But then, something amazing happened. Her favorite duet partner wasn't ready for their singing days to be over.

"My husband for Christmas one year setup a little type of music studio for us so that we can record there," she said.

Now, Charlie says the two sing together every day, expect for Wednesday when Charlie has her solo gig at Chamber's Pub and the crowd can't get enough.

"She has such this, like sultry voice, our generation, these aren't songs that I would typically hear in my daily life... super fun to listen to, yeah!" said Sara and Jon, fans of Charlie.

While Charlie credits music as her motivation, she hopes she can be an inspiration to others to never give up.

"I think that if I do this, I will be able to show people in a similar condition than mine, not necessarily a stroke, but with some disability, never give up your dream, never, because it can come true," she said.