Valley youth hockey team gets their gear back after stolen trailer found

In sports, there are always heartbreaks and triumphs, but when the Arizona Bobcats Youth Hockey program's trailer full of gear was stolen from the parking lot of the Ice Den last week, it was a tough loss.

"Coming here, they're so excited to be Bobcats, they're so excited to get this logo," Audrey Fine said. "They’ve earned it to be able to wear it, so when they walked in and didn't have their stuff, it was kind of a hard way to start their season.”

Hockey director Ron Filion says it was definitely not the way they wanted to start their new season.

"It's important for them the first day to get their gear," he said. "It's kind of a tradition, you get to practice first day, it's like Christmas. They get all their stuff, and they were looking forward to it, so obviously it was a disappointment."

But then, a miracle happened -- their stolen trailer, still filled with gear, was found abandoned in a Phoenix parking lot.

News spread quickly and so did the excitement.

"We were actually texting on our group chat messages all night long, posting updates, so they were really excited that they found it," Fine said.

Thanks to the quick work of Chandler police, today was the first day the players got to really feel like Bobcats, from helmet to skate.

"They came in the locker room this morning, finally get to wear their Bobcat stuff out there!" Fine said.