ValleyWise Health sees increase in COVID-19 cases despite increasing vaccination numbers

While many in Arizona are hoping to get life back to normal by the summer, a local health organization says not so fast, as they are seeing an uptick in new COVID-19 cases.

Officials with ValleyWise Health say over the last two weeks, they have seen an increase in the number of patients being hospitalized with COVID-19. At the end of April, they had only five people in the ICU, and no ventilators in use. As of the morning of May 5, that number has jumped to 18 hospitalized COVID patients, with seven of them using a ventilator.

Dr. Michael White, who is ValleyWise Health's Chief Clinical Officer, says people should continue to take extra safety precautions. As May is National Nurses Month, Dr. White says it is important that people continue to do their part to help frontline workers, as the country continues to combat the virus and prevent a third surge.

In addition, officials with ValleyWise Health are encouraging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, as soon as they are able to. alleyWise Health officials could not say if any of their current patients in the ICU due to COVID-19 have already received the vaccine.

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