Veterans attend Phoenix parade

In many cities across the country, there were parades organized to honor veterans on Veterans Day. One of the largest was in Phoenix, which began near Bethany Home and Central, and ended near the Phoenix VA.

Thousand cheered along the streets of Central phoenix, as the floats passed by. The parade is attended by many veterans, including Roberto Camacho, who was in the Navy.

"We did Iraqi Freedom," said Camacho. "We did two tours. Two deployments."

Camacho said being in the military meant people lile him missed many holidays, and he said it is nice to be at the parade, and enjoy the time with others.

Also attending the parade was Don Jones, who served in World War II.

"I am the only one my age around," said Jones, 93. He had words for the young people who were watching the parade.

"Oh, just the togetherness," said Jones. "It takes two to get started, and you go from there."

The parade on Friday lasted approximately two hours, and involved 2,500 people. This year's theme is to welcome Vietnam veterans home.

"Americans still treasure their country, and the veterans are at the top of the list that treasure their country," said Gary Page, who served in Vietnam.