VETERAN'S DAY: 91-year-old Man recounts his time of military service

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- With Veteran's Day around the corner, we're reminded of the brave men and women who fought for our country.

For one Valley man, he is the last of his seven siblings who served in World War II, and all made it back home.

As the global conflict raged, countless American families hoped to be reunited with their service men and women overseas. While many dealt with the tragedy of never having their loved ones return, Bruce Watson, 91, is a veteran with a different story to tell.

"No one that has more respect for our veterans than I have," said Watson.

A dairy farm family, Watson and his 10 brothers and sisters grew up 60 miles south of Pittsburgh, Penn., and childhood wasn't a distant memory for the Army Air Force veteran.

"We made it a point to all get together every couple of years, and that's just the type of family that we were," said Watson.

Neither was the root of his patriotism.

"Probably from our parents. They were such strong, patriotic Americans and I think it rubbed off. We were always that way, and I still am," said Watson. "Seven of us that went in during World War II, we were all volunteers except one, who was drafted, and the intention was for him to stay on the dairy farm, but for some ridiculous reason, he was drafted, and that caused quite a stir."

Having fought for the country, each sibling was able to return home safely after war. Now, many years later, Watson is the single remaining member of his family that lives on to tell their family story, and keep the nation's patriotism alive.