Vets remembering and honoring McCain

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Veterans are remembering and honoring late Senator John McCain.

McCain was a champion for veterans rights, and also worked closely with the Phoenix VA to start programs that benefitted veterans in Arizona and around the country. In triple digit heat, Zane Bevan, a Marine Corps vet and member of the POW-MIA Color Guard, stands outside the funeral home where McCain's body is being held.

"We are here to honor the senator," said Bevan. He went on to say despite the heat and long hours, he feels it's his duty to give back to the senator that always had his back as a veteran.

"He has assisted and he attempted to straighten up some of the issue with the VA," said Bevan.

"He was a definite advocate for veterans here," said Rima Ann Nelson, Medical Center Director of the Phoenix VA "He always made it known if there was anything we needed from him, as far as support he would always be available, so that we will really miss."

McCain worked with the team at the Phoenix VA to come up with a partnership with CVS Minute Clinics, so veterans wouldn't have to go far from home to get the care they needed for minor issue. He also worked with the VA to help create a suicide prevention program.

Above all his accomplishments and work with the VA, the staff says they'll miss his presences the most.

"He walked around and preferred, I think to be with the patients and less with the leadership team, but walked into every room in our nursing home and posed for a picture there and wished them well," said Dr. Maureen McCarthy, Chief of Staff of the Phoenix VA. "He was very well thought of by them and by us."