2024 Election: Want to vote in the primary? July 1 is the last day to register

For people who want to vote in the July 30 primary election, the clock is ticking if they haven't registered to vote already.

On X (formerly Twitter), officials with the Maricopa County Recorder's Office note that July 1 is the last day to register to vote in the primary.

"If you aren't registered to vote, head to ServiceArizona.com," read a portion of the post.

On their website, county elections officials say early ballots will be mailed out on July 3. The last day to request an early ballot is July 19, and the last day to mail back the ballot is July 23.

The last day for early, in-person voting is July 26.

Should an eligible person miss the registration deadline for the July primary, they can still register to vote in the November general election. The registration deadline for that election is Oct. 7.

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Who can register to vote?

Under Arizona law, anyone who meets the following guidelines are qualified to register to vote:

1. A citizen of the United States, and has provided satisfactory evidence of citizenship

2. Is 18 years of age or older on or before the date of the next regular general election following their registration

3. Is an Arizona resident for 29 days preceding the election

4. Is able to write their name, unless they are prevented from doing so due to physical disability

5. Has not been convicted of treason or a felony, unless their civil rights are restored

6. Has not been deemed an incapacitated person under law