Watch: Bald eagles, 'branch managers' work together to build nest

Famed eagles from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Eagle Cam are at it again.

The agency shared a video on its Twitter page and joked that the eagle family "needs you to stop scrolling and watch as they perform their branch manager duties."

In the video, you’ll see a bald eagle land in a large nest while holding a stick in its talons. Together, the two nesting eagles work together to move the stick to its rightful place.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife said the eagles are getting ready for their new nesting season, which happens in the fall and in early winter when the eagles bring in sticks and build nests. Mating season is from December to February, and eggs hatch around mid-March.

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"Two eggs were recently laid and there's already been drama with another eagle who was possibly trying to take over the nest," Fish and Wildlife quipped on Twitter.

For the first 12 weeks, the young eagles grow "incredibly fast" before they first leave the nest in mid-June. They spend the summer months near the river with their parents to practice fishing and hunting. By fall, they’re on their own.


(US Fish and Wildlife)

The eagle cam and nest are located about 75 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. on the campus of Fish and Wildlife’s National Conservation Training Center. The campus is near Shepherdstown, in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, about a quarter mile from the Potomac River.

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A pair of American bald eagles began building the nest in 2003 near the top of a large sycamore tree, according to Fish and Wildlife. The conservation center installed its first eagle cam in fall 2005 and started streaming nesting seasons in 2006.

The cam quickly gained a largely online following from people who were "amazed to watch the eagles raise their young each season."