WATCH: Snake bites Oklahoma man in face

A doorbell camera captured the moment a snake lunged at a man, biting him in the face.

Mashawn Copeland tells Fox 35 he was at his father's house in Lawton, Oklahoma when the attack happened.

In the video, Copeland is seen walking up to the front door, not knowing that there was a creature waiting for him.

As he opens the door, a snake, which was wrapped around the porch light fixture, suddenly lashes out, biting Copeland on the side of his face, just missing his eye!

He immediately went to the hospital to be treated.

Copeland posted the video of the terrifying encounter to Facebook.

"When you think things arent going right... Just be thankful a snake didnt bite you in the face today 🙏🏾."

Copeland believes it was a 5-foot bullsnake that bit him.

Bullsnakes are one of the largest snakes in North America and can reach lengths up to 8-feet long. They are often mistaken for rattlesnakes but are non-venomous.

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