Where are all the real men?

Where's the leadership? Where are the men?

However Melania Trump came upon the words of Michelle Obama, somebody put them there. The biggest night of her life ends in humiliation. One imagines Mrs. Trump shattering crystal goblets and porcelain vases in her Manhattan penthouse.

And yet Donald does nothing.

The first rule of manhood is, no one messes with your family. Humiliate my wife, I punch you in the mouth. This is the man who says America is weak. Here is the man who promises to make America strong again. Here is the man who says he will stare down the Ayatollah. And yet he can't muster the guts to fire a speech writer.

After denying for two days that portions of the speech were lifted, the campaign on Wednesday outed the speech writer, but Trump refused her resignation. CLICK HERE TO READ HER STATEMENT.

Outside the shabby walls of the Quicken Loans Arena, the streets of Cleveland are boiling with rage and confusion. People prancing around with firearms and bullhorns. White supremacists, black radicals and hundreds of peace officers jammed into the Public Square.

Dr. Cornel West, the Harvard professor and advocate of black empowerment takes to the bullhorn, preaching the revolution, by any means necessary, etc. He neglects to inform the crowd that the bread truck does not arrive during revolutions.

The doctor excuses himself as he is late for a church meeting. On his way, I ask the leader if his words might lead to someone getting hurt, to which he replied: "No leader can dictate the behavior of every individual."

The men of the media - among a news army here totaling 15,000, more than twice the number of cops and military personnel - seem blissfully unaware of the depths of the discord in American life. They wear expensive suits and brown shoes seem to be the style of the moment. The fight among them in the convention hall is not about the root of discontent in America but rather over who gets the last bagel at the breakfast buffet or who's up next at the makeup mirror.

Where is the leadership? Where are the men? Hillary Clinton may be noxious, she may be crooked, she be a dirt bag, but you start to wonder if she's the last true alpha male.


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