Why are people leaving messages of paying cash to buy your home?

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- People have been getting texts, mail, or robocalls from others, all wanting one thing: their home.

A lot of cash investors think the Valley of the Sun is a great deal, if the price is right. First, however, they have to find a seller who is willing to deal. So, cash investors are casting a wide net, and reaching out to a lot of homeowners often.

Renee Manoz and others getting these cold calls often, and all with a question of whether she is willing to sell her home.

"I don't want to sell my house. I'm happy," said Manoz.

Why are these calls, texts, and mail offers increasing? For one reason, supply of homes for sale is down in the Valley.

"We're about 30 percent below normal in the level of inventory that we have for sale," said Tina Tamboer with Cromford Real Estate Report. "The opportunities for investors are getting fewer and fewer."

Tamboer says she, too, gets texts trying to buy her home. Investors are getting more creative and aggressive, she says, because home sellers aren't selling the way they once did, with the desperation of 2008 now long gone.

"We don't have desperate sellers today. We have optimistic sellers who want more for their house, who don't want to sell at bargain basement prices. They don't have to. So, there are fewer opportunities for cash investors," said Tamboer.

Tamboer also says there is more competition coming in from other so-called buyers, like Zillow, Opendoor and OfferPad, using cash to acquire homes. Tamboer says the Valley remains very desirable for investors, so the cold calls and mail from people who want to buy your house will likely continue.