Wittmann residents continue cleanup efforts after storm

Many people saw some wild weather around the valley on Monday morning, but not many saw anything like what hit in Wittmann that night.

By Tuesday morning, APS reported 91 customers were still without power in the area after a reported microburst. At one point, 1,700 customers were without power.

According to APS, they expect more customers to be restored on Tuesday, and all customers fully restored by mid-morning on Wednesday.

Take a look at the video sent to us from FOX 10 viewer Carson Lengvary - on.fb.me/1HckDyf: it shows the storm that went through Wittmann and it had intense wind and rain.

The rain left parts of Wittmann flooded. Several streets are under water, making it difficult, if not impossible to get around.

The reported microburst downed power lines and APS says 27 power poles were knocked down.

APS announced that anyone in the area that still doesn't have power can buy dry or wet ice to keep the food in their refrigerators cool; the customers will be reimbursed.

Strong storm takes out 20-plus poles in Morristown area creating outage for ~2,000 customers. APS crews mobilized. No current ETR.

740P Stng. microburst tstm wind gusts of 40 to 55 mph are possible til 815 in NW Phx valley. #AZWX

#MonsoonSafety: During outage, don't open fridge more than needed. Food can stay cold for long periods w/out electricity if door stays shut.