Woman accused of leaving toddler in grocery store parking lot has been arrested

Grainy photos from months ago in Phoenix helped put a woman accused of abandoning her toddler in a grocery store parking lot for almost two hours behind bars.

Police had been searching for the woman at the center of the surveillance video, taken at a Food City store, for more than two months.

"The woman went into the grocery store, stayed in the store for an hour and 45 minutes, so the video we had was the last visual contact the adult had with that child that we know of," said Sgt. Vince Lewis with Phoenix Police, in an interview conducted in May.

The woman, now identified as Miranda Bukus, is accused of leaving the baby in a stroller in the parking lot. A person nearby had found the baby, got it to a safe location, and called police. The baby had a soiled diaper at the time.

Police say Bukus, who is homeless, was arrested last Friday 22 miles away from where the baby was left. She is facing child abuse charges.

Miranda Bukus