Woman broke into home, stayed in, stole truck, and then claimed to be homeowner's daughter

Bryanna Noelle McKnight

A bizarre weekend burglary has one Phoenix family shaking their heads in dismay.

The couple went up north this past weekend, and while they were gone, someone stole their truck and several other items, and did much more than just that.

The pictures of the couple who allegedly trespassed the Stevens' home are crystal clear. The woman, Bryanna McKnight, left behind the red headscarf on one of the chairs. She and another man arrived at the Stevens' house near Northern and 7th Avenue Saturday afternoon and didn't leave until Sunday.

"And very casual, they moved around very slowly," said Eric Stevens. "They were here 24 hours and drinking and eating and showering and pretty bizarre."

McKnight is also seen trying on Joy Stevens' clothing.

"Yeah that was strange, almost comical, but again, it is frustrating that they think so freely to take your things," said Joy.

When the couple left on Sunday, they took some of Joy's clothes, in addition to Eric's work truck.

"It's like my traveling office," said Eric. "Everything is in there."

The burglary was discovered Sunday by the Stevens' children, who came to check on the house. The Stevens filed a report when they returned Sunday afternoon. On Sunday night, there was a knock at the front door, and standing there was McKnight. She was there with Eric's truck, and a crazy story for Joy.

"She said 'I'm your daughter. I'm your daughter, Joy', and I said 'I don't think so'," said Joy.

The Stevens called the police, who arrested McKnight. There was no sign of the man who was with McKnight.