Woman caught on video stealing from small family store in Laveen

Amadio Ranch Farm store near Dobbins Road and 47th Avenue southwest of downtown Phoenix is not the kind of store you'd expect to see in the big city. Their biggest seller is homemade pies.

"Apple pie, buttermilk pie, strawberry rhubarb, pecan cream cheese, pecan bourbon," said Christina Amadio.

What's unusual is that it's based on an honor system. The pies cost about $20 baked by Amadio.

You drive right up, pick out what you want and you can pay digitally or drop your cash in the jar. And no one is there to monitor you.

"It does work 99% of the time. It works just fine. We have very loyal customers. We have new customers the come in," Amadio said.

Recently, someone broke the honor system. Amadio says video shows a woman taking cash out of the jar on two different occasions and then driving off.

"These people are so kind. If you came to them and said, 'I'm struggling, what can you do for me?' They would do anything for them. It's not like you have to steal from them because they're good people," said Debbie Hayashi, a customer.

Some have encouraged the family to change the system to digital payment only, but she says they don't want to do that. They want to trust people.

"Yes, we're asking everyone to step up. Do what's right. This is what we do. This is how we do it and with all the expenses out there, this is how we can do it," Amadio said.

The Amadios say they love the small farming community Laveen once was. They want to keep old country Laveen alive as the city grows around them.