Woman gets life in prison for murdering husband with help of kids

It was an emotional day in court after a Peoria mother is sentenced to natural life in prison.

Michelle Gibson killed her husband and convinced her teenage kids and their friends to help her kill him.

Steve Gibson's family had a lot to say during sentencing. They told the judge the one person he trusted the most, and felt safe with killed him.

Two years after Steven was beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed to death his family faced his killer, his wife, Michelle.

"The morning of the murder Michelle put on Facebook knowing what she was going to happen to him that night; "It's a beautiful day in Arizona," and I want to say today for her sentencing, yes it is a beautiful day to live in Arizona, because I won't ever have to see you anymore," said Charlene Gibson, Steven's mom.

Prosecutors say Michelle plotted her husband's murder because she wanted to date other men, manipulating her teenage kids and their friends into helping her kill him.

"When Steven died he died brutally and cruelly by himself, and this is something my wife and I have not been able to live with, our son suffered and died alone," said Daryl Gibson.

A judge sentenced Michelle to life in prison with no possibility of ever getting out. She did not apologize to her husband's family, or say anything in court.

"She's a coward to do her crime, she couldn't do it herself, but I just hope she enjoys her new home, and I would sure like to send her a card saying welcome to your new home... I'm very happy, I hope she lives a long life in there, I hope she lives to be 90 years old," said Charlene.

Gibson's son Steven Gibson Junior was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his part in the murders.