Woman missing after Peoria mobile home fire

Police are investigating a missing woman who has not been seen since her mobile home caught fire Monday evening.

Peoria police initially reported that a woman had locked herself inside a bedroom of the trailer, and they feared she may have been trapped in the fire.

But following a search of the burned property, authorities were unable to locate any remains. On Wednesday morning, police determined she was never inside the mobile home when it caught on fire.

Body cameras were rolling when they arrived to talk to her and saw smoke pouring from the mobile home, that's when they entered the trailer.

"Peoria Police Department! Georgia, Georgia!" said one of the officers on the recording.

"We go inside the trailer, we start to see smoke, we can smell it. We go into the back bedroom where she's supposed to be and we cannot open the door. We kick it open and once it's opened we see the room is engulfed in flame and smoke and it's too thick and hot for us to go in," said Officer David Ayres.

As flamed filled the trailer the officers had to get out fast. They escaped to safety until Peoria Fire Department crews got to the scene.

"That was frustrating because we wanted to make sure she was okay. But we didn't have the tools or resources to go any further to try and find her," said Ayres.

A cadaver dog was brought in but after searching the rubble the dog found no bodies. Now authorities are left wondering what happened to Georgia Brown, and how the fire started.

Peoria Police are concerned for Brown's welfare. If you have any information on where she is, you're asked to call the Peoria Police Department.