Woman's windshield shattered by object as she drove home

The Spalding County Sheriff's Office is looking for the person or people responsible for throwing something out a window and shattering a woman's windshield while she and her family were driving.

Christina Coniglio was driving her family members home from work late Thursday night on Highway 16 in between Griffin and Senoia when, all of a sudden, her windshield shattered.

"We were all freaked out," Coniglio said. "The noise it made, the boom and the smoke."

She said right as the windshield shattered, a truck passed by them going in the opposite direction with its high beams on.

"It's hard to see with high beams coming at you, so it's like he did it on purpose," Coniglio said.

Another reason Coniglio believes this was no accident: there were no other cars on the road in the vicinity at the time.

"There were no other cars," Coniglio said. "It was him on his side and just us on our side. They could've thrown it beforehand, they could've thrown it after, or they could've thrown it our their passenger side if they really wanted to throw something...but why at our car?"

If the throw was intentional, Spalding County Deputies say the person responsible could face felony charges for criminal damage to property.

Coniglio said she has a message for the person behind this: "Turn yourself in, apologize, realize there was a family in here when you decided to do that."