WWII veteran takes flight in a 1940s plane from Falcon Field in Mesa

A World War II veteran took off in a 1940's training plane at Falcon Field in Mesa on Feb. 27.

His driver's license may say 94, but now, he has the spirit of a 17-year-old.

"This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years, to go up in one of these fighter planes," said Floyd Clifton, a WWII veteran.

Clifton arrived to fanfare at Falcon Field in Mesa Saturday morning.

Tony Anger with nonprofit Grounded No More Veteran Flight Lift was ready to give him a gift he’s given to hundreds of other veterans - memories in the form of a propeller, wings and a horizon.

"I’ve had people say they’ve never experienced anything like this in their life," Anger said. "I’ve had people say it’s actually changed their life. It’s an adrenaline rush."

Amazing Grace is an old British commissioned plane used to teach pilots in Canada. Now it provides an opportunity to bring veterans back to a place they haven’t been in decades.

"This is a way to give a history lesson, to honor what they did," said Anger. 

Clifton saw a FOX 10 story on Amazing Grace and called up Anger. "You can’t imagine the amount of time and money he puts into this," the veteran said.

After that quick phone call, it was time for take off. Clifton soared above Red Mountain and the Phoenix suburbs, bringing memories rushing back.

"Smooth as it could be," Clifton said. "A great flight. A great honor to be in it."

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