YCSO: Woman's BAC level was 3 times legal limit, driving with child in car

Michelle Hernandez

A mother was arrested after Yavapai County Sheriff's Office deputies say she was driving under the influence while her child was in the vehicle.

"A YCSO deputy overheard radio traffic indicating a possible DUI driver had pulled into the Walmart parking lot off of Gail Gardner Way, parked and passed out," stated YCSO's Dwight D'Evelyn. 

A short time later, the vehicle was reported to be heading south on Gail Gardner Way. According to deputies, 24-year-old Michelle Hernandez rolled through a 4-way stop signed intersection. 

"The deputy confirmed the driver’s impairment and arrested her with initial tests showing results over three times the legal limit. Her child was released to a family member," said D'Evelyn.

YCSO says Hernandez is accused of a felony-level classification of aggravated DUI because a child was present in the vehicle.

She was booked and later released from the Camp Verde Detention Center pending court action.