Yoga teacher who allegedly sexually abused boys appears in court

Lindsey Radomski was arrested back in March for sexually abusing seven boys during a bar mitzvah. She pleaded not-guilty to 18 misdemeanor charges stemming from that case.

Her attorney claims she was drugged, and filed a motion to have the entire case dropped.

Radomski appeared in court, her appearance was short and to the point. The whole thing lasted about five minutes.

The teacher and her attorney pleaded not guilty to the charges from the incident that happened in March.

Court paperwork says that 33-year-old Radomski was attending the bar mitzvah when she allegedly sexually abused the boys. Last month a grand jury found there was not enough evidence in the case to indict her, but the Scottsdale City Attorney still pursued the charges.

"The county attorney's office decided not to charge the case, but city's attorney office can if they want to, and this is what they did," said Jocquese Blackwell.

Rodmski's lawyer Jocquese Blackwell has continually stated his client is innocent and that she is the victim in the case because he can prove the presence of a date rape drug in her system after her arrest.

"Lindsey is innocent first and foremost, I believe she was drugged and if the allegations are true, which we don't have any confirmation of that, then she did not willingly do anything wrong," said attorney Jocquese Blackwell.

Blackwell filed a motion to dismiss the charges.

"It's a terrible situation, the alleged victim, in this case, is my client, we believe she is innocent of the charges, and we believe we'll be able to prove that," said Blackwell.