Younger people are starting to get Botox

Botox has been a popular treatment for wrinkles, since it was first approved in 2002. Now, over 14 years since it was approved, doctors across the country are noticing a trend of young people getting Botox.

"What we're starting to see is younger patients come in for Botox, even if they don't have the quintessential wrinkles between their brows," said Dr. Bryan Gawley, a cosmetic surgeon. He said over the past few years, he has noticed people in their late teens and early 20s coming in for Botox.

One of those patients is Sarah Kostick, 23.

"I noticed I was starting to have wrinkling from Sun damage," Kostick said. "I just knew I had to start with Botox."

Kostick, said much of the reason why she started getting Botox two years ago has a lot to do with the craze over selfies.

Yes. Selfies.

Dr. Gawley said about 80% of his Botox clients come back for more, as the treatments last anywhere from three to six months. For people like Kostick, it's part of their routine maintenance to keep the wrinkles away.

"I was a little nervous that I would be totally frozen, or that people would be able to notice it," Kostick said. "Really, no one can tell unless you tell them you've had Botox done. "

Botox treatments can be costly, with each treatment ranging from $200 to $400. Many patients, however, consider it "routine maintenance", like they would a haircut or a facial.

(In case anyone was interested in seeing the selfie Marc Martinez, Kari Lake, and John Hook took, while they were on set...)