'Zenned Out' teams with other businesses for Fourth of July weekend

It's a business with humble beginnings that began on Cassie Uhl's living room table, but five years later, her employees help make the hand-made, customizable jewelry that's now carefully crafted in Tempe's "Zenned Out" Studios.

"Do I need to order more?" Cassie asked.

Cassie does need to order more after bringing in $1 million in sales.

"I would say over $300,000 of that has gone back into the economy with people that I've hired or vendors that I bought from, so I'm very happy to share that with the local economy," she said.

That's why "Zenned Out" is joining hundreds of local businesses across Arizona and are hoping during this Independence Day weekend that you think about independents.

"I don't want to outsource our production," Cassie said. "I want to keep it here so I can employ other women and teach them how to grow other businesses and be successful, as well."

It's a concept that we all know keeps the local economy alive while Cassie continues to focus on bringing Zen to anyone who needs it.

"I feel like I can be very creative with our jewelry business and I'm able to share that with other women," she said.

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