Details of multi-million dollar lawsuit against former UofA head football coach revealed

Explosive details regarding the firing of University of Arizona Head Football Coach Rich Rodriguez were released Wednesday.

A week ago, Rodriguez's former assistant filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against him, and the notice of claim contains allegations of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, which led to problems in the assistant's marriage. The allegations also include unwanted sexual advances, harboring a network of lies, and infidelity.

Details of the notice of claim came, following U of A's announcement Tuesday night that they have decided to fire Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was considered to be a winning coach on the football field, but now, a former assistant of his claims Rodriguez was a predatory boss off the field.

The assistant, identified as Melissa Wilhelmsen, had worked for Rodriguez since 2011. She and her husband, Jason, are planning to sue Rodriguez for $7.5 million.

The nine-page notice of claims is full of bombshells. Wilhelmsen claimed Rodriguez kept a "hideaway book" of secrets to control the football operation, and that a group known as the "Triangle of Secrecy" maintained a network of lies to protect the head coach.

Wilhelmsen claimed she was forced to lie to Rodriguez's wife to cover up his extramarital affair, and over the past six years, Rodriguez, according to the claim, allegedly made several sexual advances toward Wilhelmsen, groping her and exposing himself.

Wilhelmson reportedly nicknamed Rodriguez "The Predator".

Unable to withstand the secrecy, stress, and hostile work environment, and with her marriage on the rocks, Wilhelmsen reportedly left U of A after working there for 16 years, and now works for an insurance company.

On Tuesday night, following news of his firing, Rodriguez released a statement that read, in part: