Soccer rules: Learning the basics as the World Cup heats up

If you want to enjoy the game, it helps to know the rules. Everyone has World Cup fever. It's a simple game, once you learn the basics, such as inside an arc, or box, goalies can use their hands. The field is called a pitch and they don't say two to nothing, it's two-nil. There are two halves, each 45 minutes long, although it an get confusing.

The timing in soccer -- the clock is always going, they never take a time out. It looks like they are always running the clock and then they say two minutes. Who is keeping track?

"The refs and assistants keep track of time, but if you are in the game, you're wasting time. It is strategic. So if you are winning 1-0 and you are in the 90th minute, you absolutely would want to waste time," explained Arizona Sports Complex's Adult Soccer Director, Patrick Fisher.

Why is it that soccer players don't use an overhand throw?

"When the ball goes out of bounds, a throw-in is a way or restarting it. So you put your hands behind your head and do this. Why? Because it creates an unfair advantage," said Fisher.

You can't use your hands, so trapping it with your body is a key skill for soccer players, as is juggling the ball.

"So this would be a thigh juggle.. use both feet," he said.

Soccer is fun, no matter your skill level and you're never too young or too old to learn.